Rusty’s Favorite Punk Releases

Los Crudos, Complete Discography (Chicago, USA, 1991-98)

Latinx hardcore punks led by Martin Sorrondeguy, Los Crudos rail against colonialism & racism while producing riffs that move so quickly you feel time freeze around you.

Ratos de Porão, Crucificados pelo Sistema (São Paulo, Brasil, 1984)

They would quickly ditch punk for thrash metal, but in their debut record, Ratos de Porão show the world what no-nonsense hardcore could sound like with brutal precision.

Eskorbuto, Primeras maquetas (Santurtzi, Euskadi, España, 1982)

A dirt-encrusted snapshot of a band in fetal stages. This anthology of early rehearsal tapes, demos, & live performances from the Basque punk legends shows them already mastering their engineered entropy attacks.

Crass, The Feeding of the 5000 (Epping, Essex, UK, 1978)

Bitter & smart, Crass gave punk a gift: anarchism as political practice rather than as fashion pose. Also, is this the first punk record that attacked punk itself? Steve Ignorant spits every syllable with disdain while the band hurtles through songs with a brittle yet sharp edge.

Disclose, Yesterday’s Fairytale, Tomorrow’s Nightmare (Kochi, Japan, 2004)

In their final release, Disclose moved past D-beat worship & moved into blown-out bomb-blast epics like “Wardead” that’ll guide you through our irradiated apocalyptic future.

Rondos, Red Attack (Rotterdam, Nederland, 1980)

Maoist Dutch art collective that lived in a squat, releasing pogoing squirrel songs laced with anti-capitalist treatises.

MDC, Millions of Dead Cops (Houston, USA, 1982)

A U.S. hardcore 101 release. Every song goes after a different target: cops, nuclear families, capitalist work, industrial farming, John Wayne. Dave Dictor’s ranting is so voluminous & rapid that it sprints paces around the rest of the band.

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